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World Environment Day Celebrations 2016-2017

World Environment Day Celebrations 2016-2017

World Environment Day celebration by BSED at Gaza school , Gopinathpur Village and Siliguri

Environmental concern is no doubt is the call of the hour. Society is much more aware and concern about environment of late specifically at the urban area. The rural area is still lagging behind and to bridge the gap Ballygaunge society of Environment Development (BSED) is actively participating throughout the year in different parts of the state to spread the message of environmental concern and sustainability. Like every years, this years also World Environment Day was celebrated at the adopted village Gopinathpur, Gaza High School in the district of Hooghly as well as in Siliguri with proper respect and sanctity On 5th June and 2nd July respectively.

Celebration at Gopinathpur Village:

The programme was well organized with a sit and draw competition among the village children, followed by sapling plantation and distribution to spread the message of Go green.

Celebration at Gaza High School: 

The headmaster, managing committee, teachers of the school and most importantly the young student force of the rural base participated to the programme under the roof of BSED whole heartedly.  The programme was inaugurated with National Anthem performed by all. It was followed by environment related knowledge sharing and a quiz contest. A sit and draw competition was also organized on various theme relating to environmental security, pollution and sustainability. The programme was concluded with new sapling plantation by the President BSED Mr. Jayanta Chakraborty and all other important member of BSED as well as the members of the managing committee of Gaza High school. The participation was very healthy and spontaneous and we hope this sort of initiatives will definitely bring about a very positive image of BSED as well as Indofil in the locality.

worldeve 2016-17

Medical Camp at Gaza school: 

The school was also provided permanent medical camp for the students with facilities of free check-up, counseling of parents and free medicine distribution with active support from BSED. Dr. Subhadeep Chakraborty has been appointed for the above and a separate medical chamber has been inaugurated with all basic facilities for the above purpose with support of BSED.

Computer Centre at Gaza school: 

Computer center of Gaza School was maintained well with Class IX and Class X students from the School along with a teacher and purchase/maintenance of the computers to increase the knowledge on computer among the students.

State Level recognition of Gaza school: 

Sustained effort of BSED to develop the school has been recently recognized by the state government also. The school was given two prestigious awards “Shishu Mitra Vidyalaya” and “Nirmal Mitra Vidyalaya” from the Department of Education, Govt. of West Bengal.

  • Annual Sports meet at gopinathpur:

  • BSED and Indofil industries Ltd. Organized a two day annual sports at the adpted village, of Purba Gopinathpur,P.S.-Haripal,Dist.-Hooghly,West Bengal on 4-5th February 2016. On the first day, a 8team knock out football tournament was organized in 100 point scale (height in cm + weight in Kg). All teams displayed tremendous skills and valour in the tournament. On the second day , annual athletic meet was organized where in around 250 participants ( mostly small girls) contested in various events throughout the day.  The enthusiasm and the eagerness of the local crowd were very high. At the end, Paratal Siddheswari club won the football tournament defeating Chamrail Young Star club and declared as champion. Eminent athletics person Dr. Kuntal Roy and eminent footballer Mr. Samaresh Choudhury were present there as chief guest.