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Protect The Biodiversity And Ecosystem

Protect The Biodiversity And Ecosystem

I was reading the famous book of Mr. James Edward Corbett The man eating leopard of Rudraprayag some days ago and felt hard to put down because of the narrative of Mr. Corbett. During a continuous hard chase after the leopard Corbett at last put the animal to death who killed 125 persons being an evil spirit before the local people for 8 long years but Corbett writes , the only crime of the creature is not against the laws of nature but against the laws of man…only that it shed human blood in order that he might live.

To live in this planet every biological species have the natural rights but we , the man , destroyer of the natural flora and fauna are the great threat to biological diversity as well as the ecosystem. We overexploit the natural resources by unsustainable use. The natural habitat are slowly but alarmingly squeezing leaving no space for the living beings but to extinct. The population and requirement for its sustenance wild nature is vanishing towards the quick establishment of cosmetic character. In this context only a regulated law bided conservation policy involving political , social and environmental movement can save the biodiversity and natural resources for the future. If this strategy is fulfilled then our future generation will also feel the story of Mr. Corbett as unputdownable. The thrill of our existence in this planet is the beauty of our natural surroundings , the raw supplier of our food matters , our immunity against the uncertainty.

We, at BSED believe and acknowledge that the future survival of humanity depends on the conservation and protection of natural wealth, and destruction of a species or a genetic line symbolizes the loss of a unique resource. This type of genetic and environmental impoverishment is irreversible. Thus in this issue of Sujalam Sufalam we concentrate on our coordinated effort of all administrative and academic sectors to overcome the most serious hurdles that man faces ever.