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Seminar on Food Security & Climate Change

Seminar on Food Security & Climate Change

Indofil, BSED in collaboration with SAMETI, Narendrapur, Sahshya Shyamala KVK, organized a daylong seminar on Food Security & Climate Change at Narendrapur RKM campus.

Dr S Aiyyapan, Hon’le DG, ICAR, Prof C Kole, VC, BCKV, Mr P Mazumder, Advisor to Hon’le CM, WB, Dr R Ramarethinum, President RD, T Stanes & Co, Maharaj Atmapriyananda Ji, Maharaj Sarvagyanananda Ji, other revered Maharaj of RKM, Dr M Ghosh, Dean, Narendrapur Vivekanda Unvesity, 150 students from Calcutta University, BCKV, Ashutosh College, Presidency College, eminent people from agrochemical industries were present on the said occasion. The eminent speakers spoke on various initiatives of State & centre level Government to ensure food security & preparedness for the imminent climate change. The occasion was highly lauded by media personnel present on the said occasion.

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