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Sanitary Napkin Distribution

Sanitary Napkin Distribution

Sanitary Napkin distribution to the female students – a prime initiative by BSED at Gaza school

Menstruation, monthly cycle, period… all of these are terms to describe a natural cycle that occurs routinely and very commonly to a female body. But the menstruation taboos still have some restricted firm roots in Indian society which was revealed but none of these restrictions have any scientific background. Statistics revealed that in rural area about nine in every ten girls miss a day or two of school every month during menstruation mainly due to discomfort as well as the staining clothes. Almost six in every ten girls reported high restrictions related to religious. Standing upon this present situation knowledge about menstruation and hygienic habits during this time of the adolescent school girls is the only solution to create a firm social root against the unscientific motion of the society.

Initiative by BSED at Gaza school:

To create a hygiene environment the sanitary napkin distribution to the 280 female students at Gaza school, Haripal a prime initiative for Ballygaunge society of environment development (BSED). This initiative was inaugurated on 8th august, 2017 by the president BSED Mr. Jayanta Chakraborty in the presence of the Headmaster of the school, managing committee, teachers of the school and most importantly the girl students with their mothers. A “free to talk” session was organized in between students’ mother and the female teachers of the school to drive out the hesitations and myth of the menstruation. The participation was very healthy and spontaneous and we hope this type of initiative will definitely bring a very positive image of BSED in that particular poor socio-economic area. This imitative shall continue for all eligible female students throughout the year.