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Conservation of Wildlife

Conservation of Wildlife

While watching one of my favorite shows on Animal planet channel, my heart was filled with sorrow when I saw a tiger pouncing upon a deer kid, distanced from its herd. Its neck was hanging perilously and feet were shaking desperately to free itself from the clutches of the tiger, which was holding it tight and running to some secluded place in the jungle so as to have a great lunch of its catch. I was perhaps grieved by the pain and agony of the desperate deer kid as it was breathing its last and praying that some superpower may come to the rescue of the destitute deer kid’s plight for life. ‘How wild and cruel these tigers are…’ was the automatic voice which echoed in me but soon realized that I was also devouring a plate of highly palatable Tengri kebab which I had specially ordered for, a small sized chicken, tender and crispy…along with some green salad. I stopped and pondered ‘really who is cruel…it’s the natural instinct and necessity of the tiger to hunt and feed but to us it’s perhaps luxury as we can very well survive being vegetarian’.

Wildlife…an array of animates living in the natural habitats of jungle, sea, rivers, deserts and mountains, are an integral and indispensible part of the planet and ecosystem. They come in all shapes and sizes with different food habit and antics. They perform activities out of necessity and instinct but we being the ‘superior’ race often perform things for our luxury and comfort. Since time immemorial, we have been hunting and poaching on these wild animals for quenching our thirst for glory, pride, valor and luxury. Also our ever increasing population tends to square them to confined and smaller enclosures for fulfilling our basic needs of food, clothes and shelter. Today our activities have not only deprived the wildlife of the natural abodes but have also extinct many races and species and many are left in countable numbers.

We at BSED, strongly believe that development must happen but not at the cost of environment. Environment devoid of wildlife…an unthinkable proposition. We as individual must strive our level best to help to conserve at least one species of wildlife else these animals very existence, in the near future, shall remain confined as emblems or in history books or in sci-fi movies. We cannot let our future generations to just hear stories of wildlife species which are with us today and become extinct by their time. Wildlife is an integral part of the nature and their existence makes this planet a beautiful and unique one. Thus, this issue of ‘Sujalam Sufalam’ is dedicated to the custodians of nature who have the every right to live and enjoy as we do.