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Clean Technology For Green Farming (Part II)

Clean Technology For Green Farming (Part II)

By Dr. Anjan Sengupta (Asst. Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of Tripura)


It is an age old ultra fast Japanese tradition of producing smell less manure. The concept behind this manure, having an advantage over other manures lies in the fact that it can be prepared with in seven days. Bokashi is now known the world over and has gained great importance. Developed countries like US are presently opting for this compost system. People use well mature Bokashi in small quantities in their daily waste and garbage to convert them in to manures. Pollution is highly controlled as release of green house gases and odour are negligible.

Effective Micro organism technology

Effective micro organism is also known as effective microbes or efficient microbes is a combination of various beneficial naturally occurring micro organism. EM contains beneficial organisms from three main groupsviz photosynthetic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria and yeast. These effective micro organisms secrets beneficial substances such as vitamins, organic acids, chelated minerals and anti oxidants, when in contact with organic matter they charge the soil micro flora and fauna so that disease inducing soil becomes disease suppressing soil. It improves soil and plant health and assist germination, flowering fruiting and ripening in plant thus increasing yield and quality of produce. EM also enhance the efficacy of organic matter as fertilizer and assist the photosynthetic capacity of the plants. In addition to that it suppress soil borne pathogens and pest along with suppression of weeds thus reducing the reliance on chemical control.

Biodynamic practice

In the organic production system, in general the micro nutrients are not taken care of, there is every doubt that over long duration, their deficiencies may create production constrains and these technologies might be a failure rather than a sustainable alternative. It is based on sound principles of soil biotechnology and microbiology. Indeed microscopic doses of few of the preparation has shown profound effect on growth, metabolism, crop yield and quality. Biodynamic farming refers to “working with the natural energies which create and maintain life” In biodynamic agriculture the use of all the five energies ie Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Cosmic are utilized judiciously.

Interaction between components of substance and energy factors forms a balance system only when soil is balanced, then healthy plants will grow and transmit both substances and energy as food. The aim of biodynamic concept is to establish a system that brings balance in to all factors, which maintain life by side stepping the typical preconception that light makes chlorophyll which helps the plants to grow. Biodynamic farmers realize that other energies also contribute to a great extent for the growth of plant. Because of the difference in these contributing energies , planting crop on one day will be totally different than planting it on another day. In fact planting during certain days of moon cycle is important and had been in practice since ancient times. It involves certain principles and practices for healthy soil, healthy plant and healthy food for human beings and feed for animals. In the system, energies from cosmos, mother earth, cow and plants are systematically and synergistically harnessed. It is based on the knowledge that soil, plants, animals and men works together for producing safe food.

Thus increasing demand for organic products through out the world reveals considerable promotional avenues of organic farming. Further the potential of organic regime can be substantially improved by adaptation incorporation and inclusion of new biotechnological approaches.