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Village Adoption | Tripura

Village Adoption | Tripura

BSED in collaboration with Indofil & T Stanes & Co limited have adopted a village under Meghlipara GP, Old Agartala around 10 Km from Agartal city. The said Gp holds 4 villages & is totally agrarian in nature along with Tea & Rubber.

The Meghlipara GP has Four villages:

Location Name of Village # farmers(Paddy) # farmers(Vegetable) Total farmers
East Dharmatila 40 20 60
West Sadhutila 30 10 40
North Meghlipara 40 25 65
South Lembuchhara 30 20 50

We have taken the following objectives in the said village to usher some socio-agro economic activities :

  • Promotion on sustainable agriculture & Bio farming-focus on the use of organic manure, bio fertilizers , botanicals & bio pesticides.
  • Promotion of the concept of ‘Safe & judicious handling of pesticides’ through live demonstrations, seminars & training programmes to the ultimate stakeholders of agrarian society-dealers, retailers & farmers
  • Concept promotion of Good Agriculture Practices(GAP) for productivity enhancement keeping sustainability in focus
  • Organizing harvest mela & field day involving different stakeholders of the society i.e., department officials, Research station experts, KVK scientists , Input dealers & manufacturers and farmers
  • Focus on improved sanitation, pure drinking water provision in rural schools
  • Awareness development campaign through celebration of Earth day, Water Conservation Day etc with the children & rural people.

All such activities will be conducted by Indofil Industries Limited in collaboration with T stanes & Co ltd Coimbatore & Ballygunge Society for Environment & Development(BSED) , a Kolkata based NGO.

The said project was kicked off on the 4th February, 2015 at Meghlipara GP. The said inauguration was attended by high level dignitaries like Mr Pabitra Kar, Hon’le Deputy Speaker of Tripura Bidhansabha, Mrs B Nath, Hon’le Minister of Science & Environment, Secretary, Director, Project officers Of Dept Of biotechnology , Local Panchayat Pradhan, Head of Old Agartala panchayat Samity, Professors from College of Agriculture, Agriculture dept Officials & 100 no of local villagers. Everyone lauded our initiative, which is first of its kind in the said part of the country. The high level Govt Dignitaries expressed great satisfaction with our initiative & assured us of all level cooperation for the smooth implementation of activities & also expressed that our initiatives can certainly improve the livelihood of local farmers & if successful can be replicate to other parts.

We had selected around 85 villagers & distributed free bio product kits to them in collaboration & advise from Dept Of Biotechnology. Also around 5-6 saplings were transplanted at the place to mark the initiation of the project.

However with mutual consent & deliberations we have framed a committee to carry out the array of activities in the adopted village in a seriatim manner:

Name Designation Role
Mr Anjan Sengupta Project Officer, DBT Project Coordinator
Mr G K Debnath Pradhan, Meghlipara GP Project Conveynor
Mr Darsu Chakma Project Officer, DBT Technical team member
Dr Navendu Nair Asst Professor, COA, Entomology Technical team member
Dr Tridip Bhattacharya Asst Professor, COA, Horticulture Technical team member
Mr Sukhoranjan Das Progressive farmer, Meghlipara Member
Mr Swapan Debnath Progressive farmer, Meghlipara Member
Mr Sujoy Roy Indofil Industries Limited Member
Mr Sanjay Sahana T Stanes & Co Ltd Member
Mr Rajib Saha Adecco Member
Mrs Surangama Sarkar Sector Officer, Bridhhinagar Invited member

The first meeting of the said committee was organized on the 17th March, 2015 at Meghlipara GP to chop out the series of activities for the first three months. The following were the minutes of the said meeting: 

  • To start with the meeting began with the objective settings for the next 3 months.
  • It was decided to conduct scheduled demo on the coming crops like Parwal & other cucurbitaceous crops.
  • It was also decided to practice organic farming & usage of green chemistry by creating Buffer Zone on the demo plots (isolation of demo plots from other plots with Chemical inputs). Herein Mr S R Das, Farmers representative expressed his apprehension of loss of yield during switch over from Chemical to organic farming. Mr A Sengupta, however assured him of sustainable yield in subsequent years through Organic farming which is also the need of the Hour.
  • The House after many deliberations, consensusly agreed to kick off the scheduled demo programme in the Village of Meghlipara as it has the highest no of farmers & also received the highest no of Kits distributed in our inaugural day programme.
  • To Start with the following farmers from Meghlipara were identified for conducting the said demos: Mr Sukhoranjan Das, Bimal Das, Parimal Das, Monoranjan Das, Nepal Das. All of them are progressive farmers of the area holding all together around 6.5 ha land for cultivation.
  • It was decided to start the said demos by seed treatment & showing the mixing of Anandham & Vam plus with Compost on 18.03.2015 in presence of 10-15 farmers of the area.
  • All the selected 85 farmers are to be contacted & a training programme with all of them will be conducted shortly.
  • Next discussions on baseline survey took place. The survey format to be drafted soon & to be conducted with a local aide or College of Agriculture students during their R.A.W.E programme.
  • Pradhan of Meghlipara GP also furnished a quotation for the construction of the proposed Ladies Urinal at Lembuchhara Higher Basic School. However he was requested to furnish two more such quotations for doing the needful.
  • To carry out all day to day activities in the adopted GP, the house proposed for appointing an apprentice initially for 3 months & to be renewed thereafter, Mr Bishnu Rabi Das from Lembuchhara has volunteered for the said post.

The Deputy Speaker & Hon’le minister keeps a close vigil on the series of activities in the said village. The Directorate of Biotechnology, Asst Professors from College of agriculture & other stakeholders are so far lending all possible assistance to reach desired Goals.