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Prosecution of Man by The International Jungle Law (IJL)

Prosecution of Man by The International Jungle Law (IJL)

By Dr. Satyendra Nath Maitra(Ex-Associated Professor in Zoology, A. P. C College New Barrackpore, Guest Faculty at State University, A. P. C College in Rahorah, V.C. College for PG in Botany)

Within the recent past a World meet was held in the deep forest of Myanmar where representatives of animals from all over the World did congregate to discuss the World wide human menace towards them. Hippopotamus was elected to chair to conduct the meeting. For three nights various animals representing different countries from almost all the continent narrated their sufferings at the hand of man and finally a resolution was adopted. First of all let us have detail report from Press Trust of Jungle (PTJ) about the conclave. At first a Lion from India was named to narrate the experience in India about Indians.

“Respected Hippo, the honourable President of this conclave, and the various delegates from the continents I thank and congratulate you all present here in general and the Myanmerians in particular for convening such a very desired and essential conference here in this beautiful surroundings. In India and Indian Peninsula we have been cornered only in Gir forest of north-west India. Though man has coined a name for our habitat as National Park, it is so disturbing that we are not, at all, able to relax due to large number of visitors making unbearable noises and dust throwing by vehicular movements all along the day time almost every day from morning to dusk. Only at night we can have romance within my hard. Recently there was a proposal to divert some of us in MP forest but the Gujrat government did not agree. We don’t have any freedom whatsoever to have fresh air from other parts of India. I think our counter part from Africa can narrate their experiences in dealing with man there. Accordingly a lion from Africa was called for his speech. A Lion from Africa started to express his experience after congragratulating delegates. “Our condition is not that bad as we are still spread over several States like Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Ethiopia etc. But ours is also very disturbing by same disturbances as narrated by Indian counter part. We are also disturbed by acute water scarcity during summer days. Some poachers always try to kill us; yes they are none other than man. We are really surprised to see the contrasting behaviour of man as some of them try to protect us, some get amusement to see us and yet some other men are so cruel to kill us for their own benefits. I hear that man is the most beautiful species with all consciousness, then why do they behave so contradictorily?”

Next a Penguin from arctic region was requested to explain his feelings about his surroundings. Penguin after congratulating every delegates including the president said ‘now a days we have been passing through a very disturbing and uncertain conditions as man makes their frequent visit to those areas and making jungle of plastics and other throwable substances though some of them are in habit to make law to ban throwing all those rubbishes but some do not care for that ok?. In addition surroundings are getting worm day by day as a result huge ices are getting melt. I hear one day it may so happen that no arctic ice will remain. If that situation comes where would we go then? What to do to prevent such ice melting process, can you suggest? Earlier man was not in habit to disturb us”. Next turn came for an Elephant from Srilanka in whose speech he said” We are really in a very disturbing conditions throughout the Indian sub-continent, as I get news from other Asian areas, as most of our corridors that we have been using from the time immemorial, generation after generation for our free movement for food, romance and play have been almost occupied by man making those areas either cultivable land or their residential houses. As a consequence on and off we are facing great hurdle for our free movement and scarcity of food as they are deforesting kilometers after kilometers as they are growing in numbers to be accommodated with food and shelter. In this situation where should we go leaving our forefathers’ land?”

African counterpart while speaking said” Though we are not facing such acute habitat problem but we are very much afraid to be killed every now and then by fire arm carrying man as our tusks are very costly, they kill us to collect it. We are really helpless to save our clans from the human greed and to their civilization ascendance”:

After that a Koala from Australia was given chance to narrate that continent’s anguish against man. Koala then said” with my respect to all the delegates from round the World I have been listening very attentively what the other representatives narrated so long. In Australian peninsula there is not much human interference in our day to day life except some minor disturbances as keeping many of us enslaved enclosing in various National Zoos. But then I would add that the environmental poisoning is being engineered by man only through out the Globe which has made the entire planet, the Earth, uninhabitable by most of the animals and the man himselves. I heard that this species, the man, is the most intelligent on this planet till date. But just you see how foolish are they? Without any discrimination they have been polluting the Earth totally nonjudiciously, thinking that only their species have the write to do whatever way they think and none else should come to claim any stake on this planet as he is all pervading and almighty on this Earth. Just see the cries of saving Earth’s environmental steadiness are being made in every country for the last four decades or so, but most funny is that the leaders of various countries failed to reach in any agreement about the approach to refresh the World’s Ecological scenarios. Moreover they could dare to disobey totally each and every rule laid down by the Nature for the smooth, balanced and persistent management of lives on this planet. Now a days they are really in a fix as regard to the spoiled environmental condition of this planet as because they neither can change their age old habit of living style nor the leaders of the respective countries can preach to the respective nations, the extreme need of the hour for fear of popular support as spices of power. In this situation I request to all present here to think for how to save the Earth from this dangerous, dreadful and most detrimental species?”

After that there was a break for that night as east started to be red indicating the end of the night. Next day evening first speaking animal was from American peninsula both Llama and a capybara red their joint statement as “ Honourable chairperson we have been patiently listening the day to day life agonies of our species has been created by man in Asia , Africa and in Australia but now I will let you know about our condition. First of all let me tell you about the different environmental and human atrocities we face in our daily lives since about hundred years or so slowly at the beginning but for the last fifty years or so it has become intensely life threatening. The north Americans seems to be more clever as they have been trying to shift the man from this planet to any human habitable planet by developing very sophisticated Voyagers and already the Moon and the Mars have been navigated by man and instrument respectively to gather idea about existing environment there for human habitation and in doing so some countries in Europe are making our species a scapegoat by sending them in those voyagers for experiment of physiological effect in space to be correlated to man. Is it fare? Do you all animals think? They are also playing with human and other animals’ and plant genomes by integrating in to one another. This is a very new threat to the living World as such an injudicious and unscrupulous way of integrating DNA in different species may generate new viruses to destroy animal kingdom though We are not at all concerned about the thriving of man on this planet. More over the Americans burn maximum fossil fuel to add huge unburned hydrocarbons to the atmospheric air responsible for greenhouse effect to occur in the atmosphere. Due to this green house effect ozone layers are getting depleted producing ozone wholes .That will cause various skin damage such as various eruptions, skin cancers etc. How to get rid off these irritating and irrational activities of man?. In South American area forest is being demolished even now due to paucity of food and shelter for man. Due to different mining surrounding environments are becoming un inhabitable..” After this session there was break and again from mid night second session for panel discussion started mainly for snakes of the World. The rattle snake from America, Kraits from Asia, King Cobra from Africa and Python from Australia took part in the rest of the second night discussion. In summary their main allegations were human attack wherever they come in contact with them. Men immediately hit and thus kill them. Their hiding and love making places are continuously being reduced every day. Many of our relatives have been on the verge of extinction. Why this sort of cruelty should be tolerated any more?. With this discussion second night was over. Last night was destined for Chair person’s sum up for the whole proceedings and to recommend to the supreme Jungle court (SJC) situated on the bank of Amazon river, where Rhinoceros has become the new Chief Justice, for final Judgment where a representative of man has also been permitted to defend.

In his summation of the proceedings the Hippo said” Dear friends of the World, I had to listen with acute grief and sorrow, with extreme patience, from my brethren of the World about human onslaught to completely render the reign of terror and anarchism through out the globe against both on our species and the Nature. What is this? Is this called human civilization? Among the billions and myriads of animal species and plants who have given this authority for totally nonabiding of the Nature and catapulting our species by a single species, the man? No more, enough is enough I hereby recommend to the Supreme Jungle Court for convicting the all sin perpetuating perpetrator, the man for exemplary punishment so that they never can render this civilized human menace on any of us”

Thus within few days a case was suited against all humankind to the Supreme Court of Jungle. In that court lawyer appointed animals were a Fish representative, a Bacterial representative and a representative for all other animals, the Giraffe. A man was allowed to plead for the mankind. All total five hundred animals of different categories were questioned against only one representative of man was to defend against animals.

After prolonged hearings for long three months a summary was made for publication to human print medium before final verdict against man which reads as for Follows:

The entire allegation spectrum raised by those animal representatives against human kind comprises of:

  1. Man Totally disobey the Nature, the supreme force of this creation.
  2. Man has been continuously destroying forests and water bodies for the last two hundred years or so in the name of human civilization creating extreme scarcity of habitation and food.
  3. For his own interest only he has been burning fossil fuels of different kinds creating ever sustaining pollution of air, creating green house effects throughout the Globe.
  4. By rapidly spreading urbanization, to accommodate increasing members of his species only, causes more heat generation adding misery to the green house effect.
  5. He uses the animals indiscriminately for the name of research ( for his purpose only) as pet for his defense, source of monitory gain and as food. Even in breeding season.
  6. Man dose never follows any definite rule even if it is made by him only. This making and breaking of rules is a common and very detrimental for both the man himself and we the animal species in general.
  7. Especially leaders are very much efficient for this making and breaking the rules for both; preserving and increasing the vote bank, though for this, man himself is more affected, various animal species also get affected badly indirectly.
  8. He has totally poisoned the agricultural land by totally nonjudicious and indiscriminate use of pesticides, insecticides, larvicides, herbicides and so on. Total ecosystem created by Nature has been impregnated with all deadly poisonous reagents that can change DNA and various functional proteins. It is really a laughing matter when some leaders cry for chemical warfare on Earth.
  9. He has been using water resources quite indiscriminately for his species depriving all other billions of species.
  10. He has been continuously making various antibiotics instigating bacterial species to develop resistance against those medicines that will ultimately create a gene warfare between bacteria man and other animals which is totally untenable by the Nature.
  11. By continuous material conversion he has overturned the Nature’s balance creating several artifacts, degradable and nondegradable, causing far reaching effect in Global ecology.
  12. For recently developed Information technology he has to create and nurture the high energy electro-magnetic waves round the Globe, the exact effect of which is not known still now.
  13. Finally man for his all crimes tries to equalize with animalism, have you ever heard any raping in animal? It is really very incredible that man can be that stupid and heinous.

Only this Earth with its all other fauna and flora can revive the earlier glory of the creation. So why not we go for total annihilation and banishment of this most disobeying, dreadful, dangerous and all dictating species, the Homo sapiens, from the earth as early as possible, finally juries questioned to the Chief Justice of the Jungle.

Man while defending all these points only could say” though all the above allegations against us are true why then Nature created us with full consciousness being able to correlate between the cause and effect relationship, why?”

Finally the Court declared delayed death sentence to man after allowing another five hundred years or so to live on this earth considering man’s stature and prolonged inhabitation on this planet. By that time if possible man should shift to any other planet or beyond otherwise all animals and the Nature will totally eradicate man from this Earth.

Then the Court was adjourned sine die.