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Indigenous Technological Knowledge (ITK) On Agricultural Technologies

Indigenous Technological Knowledge (ITK) On Agricultural Technologies

By Dr. Anjan Sengupta (Asst. Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of Tripura)

The following ITKs are noticed to be followed by the farmers of (name of the state):

  1. Use of Chuna (Lime) and wood ash for controlling of grain insect pest

    The farmers of Rewalsar Block of Mandi district are using chuna (lime) along with wood ash in their grain storage in the month of May-June. Wheat grains are dried in sun and then lime @ 2kg and wood ash @ 10 kg per quintal is rubbed by 2-3 persons for about one hour. By using this practice the grain can be stored for two to three years without any spoilage by the store grain insect pests.

  2. Top dressing of FYM in late sown wheat

    In rainfed areas sometime wheat sowing is delayed up to end of december or beginning of january. The farmers of Karsog development block are spreading well rotten FYM at the upper layer of soil after sowing the wheat. Due to black colour of FYM temperature of the soil rises. The increased temperature enhances the germination and tillering and thus the yield of the crop.

  3. Sowing of Banana along with Mango

    The practice of planting of banana alongwith mango plantation is common in Jarol area of Sunder Nagar development block. In this area mango cultivation is coming up. At the time of mango plantation, farmers of this area are planting banana in the prepared basin adjoining to the mango plant. Planted bananas reduce the wilting of the newly planted mangoes in the orchard, and thus survival of the mango plantation increases.

  4. Use of Eucalyptus and walnut leaves in grain storages

    The leaves of eucalyptus and walnut are used for grain storing. While filling up the locally prepared bamboo bins with grains 2cm thick layer of leaves at an interval of 30cm is made and then these bins are covered with lid of bamboo. These leaves give pungent smell, which do not allow the attack of store grain insect pests.