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Hybrid Paddy Cultivation

Hybrid Paddy Cultivation

In the quest of increasing the productivity of staple food crops, in line with Government of India’s thinking, Ballygunge Society for Environment & Development (BSED) in technical collaboration with Indofil Industries Limited (IIL) conducted the “seed to seed” demonstration in the adopted village of Purba Gopinathpur, Hooghly.

Objectives of the Project

  • To spread the concept of modern technique of cultivation for higher yield with minimal use of natural resources.
  • To propagate the concept of Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) for sustainable cultivation
  • To promote IPM & INM concept
  • To promote Safe & Judicious use of Agrochemicals
  • To extend ‘ Lab to land’ program incorporating Agriculture University, Dept of agriculture & Agril Input companies to farmers field
  • Imparting training for disseminating new technologies to the farmers

Modus Operandi

Selection of 1 bigha each for Hybrid , HYV with IIL GAP & 1 bigha with Farmers practice as control plot.
Farmer: Sachidananda Dhara , Village: Nalikul , Post Kinkarbati , Hooghly
Time: Boro season 2012 (Jan 2012-April 2012)
Variety: Hybrid (Arize 6444 of Bayer) , HYV : Pratiksha

Pre-season Activity

Soil testing in collaboration of Dept of Agriculture to arrive at the base level of nutrients present and thereby judicious application of nutrients as per recommendations.

Seed Bed Activities

  • Seed Rate : 6Kg/Acre (In case of OPV/HYV- the Seed rate is 25-30 Kg/Acre)
  • 240 Sq.metre nursery area for raising Nursery of 6 Kg.
  • Nursery bed well puddled, leveled, well drained weed free.
  • Fertilizer – 1.6 Kg Urea,3 Kg DAP and 2 Kg MOP as basal dose for seed bed prepared for 6 Kg.
  • Pre-germination by Soaking it for 18-24 hours in water.
  • incubating in warm moist condition for 36-40 hours until it germinates
  • Broadcasted pre-germinated seed on well puddled and drained beds at the rate of 1 Kg seed per 40 Sq. metre.
  • The beds were kept moist, for the first few days by irrigating frequently.
  • Do not flood the beds.
  • To check the damage by the birds, broadcast a thin layer of well-decomposed farmyard manure immediately after broadcasting rice seed.
  • Top-dress the nursery beds with 1.6 Kg Urea / 120 Sq Meter twice, at 12 & 20 days after sowing.
  • Two rounds of pesticide application (One insecticide & One fungicide)


35 – 40 Days after sowing or 4-5 Leaf stage


Row to Row : 20 cms
Plant to Plant :15 cms
One healthy Seedling per hill


Time of ApplicationQuantity in Kg / acre
Basal15503008 -10 Kg
3 weeks after transplanting35~~~
6 weeks after transplanting35~30~

Pest Management

As per IIL schedule

Crop Seminars

Two crop seminars with Scientists from BCKV & experts from IIL with around 150 farmers to elaborate the process & necessity amongst the farmers. Besides, group meetings on periodic basis with the farmers also helped to propagate the concept of GAP.

Yield & Return

CropsLocalIIL GAPAdvantaDhani(IIL GAP)
Land Preparation3750375037503750
Yield (mt/ha)
Market Rate(Rs/Kg)10.8310.8310.8310.83

The result created much hue and cry amongst the farmers who were interested in replicating the process in future seasons.