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Conservation of Resources

Conservation of Resources

We reap what we sow… very apt at this juncture. The resources and amenities that Mother Earth has put in are replenishable and non- replenish able in nature. These resources are the outcome of several metaphorphological & chemical reactions, fuelled by potential and kinetic energy which occur within great span of time. Really these resources are available in such macro & micro mode which lulls life in all forms. Yet we, at most times, for more & more luxury & time bound activities tend to gnaw into the natural wealth, taking the advantage of absence of custodians of such natural treasure. The more we consume the more we waste, oblivious of the fact that what we wasted took long time to be synthesized. The atmosphere which nurtured our childhood and that of our ancestors has taken a heavy toll of our activities and sophistication of modern life. Thus… it’s time to pause and ponder… where are we heading to? We must use these resources conjunctively & judiciously which can garner the future and immediate generations. Else they can blame us of robbing them of the basic amenities of nature that can lead to healthier & stronger generations to come.

This edition of Sujalam safalam is dedicated to the World environment Day which can remind us of our duties we have for this environment. The seeds that we have sown can yield Good or grotesque fruits… depend on how best we conserve and nourish the offspring with the natural resources.Lets sacrifice some luxor which can add to the cause of a better tomorrow, a better Earth & better life .

The ultimate test of man’s conscience may be his willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard.Gaylord Nelson

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